squid proxy

Youtube Cache with Squid Proxy

As all of we know that Bandwidth is a major issue for Internet Service Providers and they try their best to save their each every byte of bandwidth.Though the bandwidth is costly and ... Continue Reading →

Li-fi Technology China’s new and amazing invention

Chinese scientists have successfully developed a new technology named “Li Fi” the better, fast and cheap alternative of Wi Fi Technology. Chinese scientists claim that they have ... Continue Reading →

TP-Link TL WA5210G Configurations.

TP-Link TL WA5210G is the most affordable long range 54Mbps Outdoor Access Point.It has power to build long range wireless Point to point (p2p) and point to multi point (p2mp) Links.TP-Link ... Continue Reading →

TP-Link TL-MR3420 Configurations with Evo/Nitro

In this article we will discuss something about wifi as we have not discussed the wifi field for a long time so from today, we will discuss wifi, servers like mikrotik and i have a ... Continue Reading →
user page

Mikrotik User Manager User Page

This is our Fourth tutorial on mikrotik user manager and today we will discover “what the user page is?”.I was asked many times by the  people that is it possible that ... Continue Reading →

PPTP Client or VPN Client Config in Mikrotik

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and there are many VPN Providers in market. Many organizations are providing free VPN Service and one of them is the VPNBook.com which provides ... Continue Reading →
2wan 1evo/3g load balancing

Mikrotik 2 WAN 1 Evo/3g Load balancing | PCC Method

2 wan 1 Evo/3G load balancing we are going to discuss.Load balancing is a process of combining or shifting the load of users among different internet sources. You can say the combining ... Continue Reading →